• Pirelli must feel deflated at the moment

    Pirelli have been in the news (the motorsport news anyway) a lot recently because of it’s tyres in f1.
    A lot of people had their rear left tyres explode on them at the weekends British Grand Prix from Silverstone probably partly due to a sharp curb edge, but sort it out Pirelli.

    Meanwhile at the Pirelli test centre
    Meanwhile at the Pirelli test centre
  • Red bull doesn’t give you wings

    Red bull doesn’t give you wings


  • 2 Documentaries motorsport fans need in their life

    2 Documentaries motorsport fans need in their life

    You may know Eric Bana from Hollywood, but there’s another side to him.  A love of cars that goes back to his childhood. This documentary delves into the past as well as the present where he gets his Ford Falcon Coupe (The Beast) race ready and takes it on the Targa Tasmania Rally, a gruelling race made dangerous by the fact it’s run on tree lined public roads in Australia. Things didn’t quite go to plan but I dont want to say any more in case I spoil it.


    Senna is regarded as the greatest Formula one driver to ever live and watching footage of him you can see why he is held in such high regard. This documentary follows him rising through the ranks of  motorsport, from karting to F1. It is a real interesting watch whether you are a motorsport fan or not, revealing the politics, team alliances and disagreements as well as his personal life. He comes across as a humble but really ambitious guy with a sense of humour a glint in his eye and the playboy lifestyle …while at the same time doing a lot of charity work.

    There’s a lot of archive footage as well as interviews with ex team-mates especially Prost and how their relationship broke down through racing, also how he thought he was being victimised by the FIA who were Frenchmen much like Prost.

    They show the accidents on that fateful day but it’s tastefully done. It is kinda chilling watching the footage of him in his car on the grid before the race though, he just doesn’t seem focused or comfortable, probably due to the fatal accident the previous day.

    What is really inspirational is the footage and descriptions of his funeral. He had a big following in his home country of Brazil and in a time of such turmoil in the country, he was one of the few good things people had to associate with. It is truly mind blowing the influence he had on a whole country with the streets lined with thousands of people to say their final goodbyes.

    It will bring a tear to you eye, I can’t even watch the trailer now without welling up.