KEN BOX 2 – THE ULTIMATE KEN BOX SEQUEL (a Ken Block Gymkhana 6 tribute parody)

Ken Box and friends have made another awesome Ken Block Gymkhana parody using a Crazy Cart.

An even better John Lewis parody

John Lewis Penguin Advert Parody

Every year John Lewis nail it with their Christmas adverts. This year is one of their best, but I think this parody gives it a fresh dark twist.

New Weird Al Yankovic Music Videos

Weird al Yankovic is releasing a new music video from his latest album ‘Mandatory Fun’ every day for the next few days. They can be found on his website¬†and are well worth a watch/listen if you like a bit of parodying of the latest hits.

Dirt Devil – The Exorcist

This advert for Dirt Devil is truly brilliant.

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