New PC Build

I treated myself to a new PC setup, as my old one was getting pretty old (in technology terms anyway). It’s mostly for graphics/coding work and editing photos, so I didn’t need a high spec system, just one that will last a while without needing to be upgraded.

A list of specs if anyone is nerdy enough to care.

Case: Corsair Carbide 275R
Power Supply: Corsair RM550x
CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600
Motherboard: Aorus B550 Elite AX
Ram:Corsair Vengance LPX 2x 16 GB
Harddrive: Samsung 970 Evo Plus NVME 500GB
GPU: MSI Nvidia GeForce GT730

Server Upgrades

Antec case with iMon LCD and Ubuntu XBMC

I used to just run Windows 7 Media Centre on my Antec Micro Fusion Remote 350 case setup, but it took a while to load up and I fancied a change. I installed Ubuntu (12.10) and XBMC and it loads up a load faster and looks real sleek. There was a problem with the front lcd on the case not working though, it didn’t display anything. It uses iMon LCD and IR Receiver, with a Veris RM100 remote

Micro Fusion Remote 350

Antec Micro Fusion Remote 350

As with lots of Linux stuff, it involves a lot of messing around in terminal to get things sorted, but I did find an easy fix:-

I followed this simple guide and it all works fine now.

iMon LCD now working with ubuntu

iMon LCD now working with ubuntu

…Just a shame you can’t change that awful font when it’s in standby.

This sounds about right