An even better John Lewis parody

John Lewis Penguin Advert Parody

Every year John Lewis nail it with their Christmas adverts. This year is one of their best, but I think this parody gives it a fresh dark twist.

Dirt Devil – The Exorcist

This advert for Dirt Devil is truly brilliant.

Mating Season

I’m always impressed when an advert stops me in my tracks, this is the best one I’ve seen in a while.

Audi R8 sounds so good

They shouldn’t be allowed to show filth like this before the watershed on tv. This must be the best soundtrack to any advert ever created.

Creative nike advertising on bench

Creative nike advertising on bench

Nike getting creative with some bench advertising

Lose some weight, but keep that uglyness


Free money at the bus stop

Clever Bus Stop Ad

Big Billboard

Big Billboard

Snakes on a bus

Snakes on a bus