Kingfisher at Hendre Lake

Frosty morning at Hendre Lake

A few photos from a frosty morning at the local lake.

Margam Park

I’ve been meaning to go to Margam Park for ages and finally got around to going. It’s a managed herd of Deer which includes Fallow, Red and Pere David Deer. They are more used to humans than Deer in woodland, so are easier to photograph as well as being out in the open rather than a shady forest so the light was real nice.

kingfisher spot

I found a good spot for photographing Kingfishers on a localish river. I usually like to wander around rather than be stuck in one place. I though I would use my hide for a change and I think it worked out pretty well, with the drizzle adding a bit of atmosphere.

Hendre Lake Horses

There are always a few horses in a field up the road from the local lake. This time of year, there was some amazing looking fields full of buttercups which gave the perfect setting for these horses.

Cute Little Rat

This rat was using the shed as an AirBnB.

Forest of Dean

Baby Rat in Garden

I know they aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but how cute is this baby rat.

My Mate Woody

Whats that chirping noise upstairs?