Curley Oak – Wentwood Forest

Curley Oak - Wentwood Forest

This is the Curley Oak in Wentwood Forest, possibly the oldest tree in Wales and could be 500-900 years old from what I’ve read. It was a foggy day and made for an interesting shot of it.

Forest of Dean Wild Boar Photos

I try and get up to the Forest of Dean a few times in the spring as it seems like the best time to spot some wild boar families. There are signs of them all over the forest, but they are actually pretty hard to track down because they like to roam around. They are also quite timid and will usually run off if they see people. On this occasion I was lucky enough to find a big family of Boar digging for breakfast.

Roe Deer at Wentwood Forest

I have spent hundreds of hours sneaking around Wentwood Forest and have only been lucky enough to have a few Deer encounters.

I found this Male Roe Deer who stood and stared at me for a while before running into the trees only to reapear further up the tree line and come and check me out again. Maybe he was making sure I wasn’t after his lady who was also in the small clearing.

If you go down to the woods tonight…

Tree Hotel, Sweden

This is a hotel complex with a difference, all the rooms are tree houses with different themes. The mirror walled room that disappears into its surroundings is probably my favourite, but I would be happy to stay in any of their tree houses.
You can view more info here: