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The Blair Whitchurch Project
55 Photos
70 Photos
Landscapes etc
5 Photos
Photos from inside the old Sainsburys store in Newport\
Abandoned Sainsurys supermarket, Newport
15 Photos
Mountain Ash Hospital
31 Photos
This sparrowhawk came into the garden to dine on some poor little sparrow. It let me get really close to take some photos while it was busy enjoying its meal.\
8 Photos
Clawdd Farm is an abandoned derelict house in Caerleon, Newport.\
Clawdd Farm, Caerleon
48 Photos
So Wal Mega Meet @ Showcase cinema, Treforest\
So Wal Mega Meet
80 Photos
Retro Rides Gathering 2013, Prescot Hill, Gloucestershire\
Retro Rides Gathering 2013
199 Photos
Dubs at the Castle, Caldicot Castle and Country Park, 21 July 2013\
Dubs at the Castle 2013
87 Photos
Dubs at the Castle, 22nd July 2012 @ Caldicot Castle\
Dubs at the Castle 2012
67 Photos
Castle Retro car show at Caldicot Castle, May 2012\
Castle Retro 2012 @ Caldicot Castle
83 Photos
Photos of pretty much anything\
Random photos
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photos that have been pho' shopped\
Photoshoped stuff
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Photos from some riding sessions mostly around South Wales\
BMX Photos
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Random photos from my flickr account

SwanSome grass/reeds beside the Caerleon cycle pathRailway bridge crossing the river Usk in CaerleonA Tree on the Caerleon cycle pathCaerleon cycle path signCardiff Bay flag in the windPigeons in CardiffSteve Cushion at Rudry Trails, CaerphillyJordan Making SparksJordan Teear Eyeing up a hopMatti Hemmings riding flatland at LSP, Llanishen Skatepark, CardiffYoyo, the family cat, RIPLewis Rossiter carving the bowl at Newports old skatepark, The edgeCyril, wallride to flatie at Cardiff BaySteve Cushion big rail hop at Cardiff BayPaul Osullivan bench manualTim jumping the box in his backyardTim, king of the Castle at his back yard rampsBaz 360 the jump box at Tims Backyard RampsFree Joe GetliffCoady Nosepick at LSP, llanishen Skatepark, CardiffGaz Watkins, Wolf TamerTudor Gillham Eyeing up a rail in CaerphillyLewis Rossiter street art manualLexus Bling @ so wal mega meet 2013so wal mega meet Kamei mk1 Golfmk1 golf small block v8 retro-rides-gathering-2013-248Load V8 monster at retro rides gathering 2013The mk1 Forge Berg Cup Golf at retro rides gathering 2013force racing min at retro rides gathering 2013hillman imp at retro rides gathering 2013drift punk mx5 at retro rides gathering 2013Animal attraction at retro rides gathering 2013hawaiian styleLumo ManBMXJordan Teear Nose wheelieFoggy nightAberdare skatepark overviewToilet humour?bikeeerie church, by Richmond Road, CardiffWelsh Opera house, Cardiff BayToy Cars at a dubs at the castle stand