Web Design Packages Standard

The Standard web design package is suited for a business, charity, individual or anyone that is need of a website to advertise and provide information about what they do. It consists of up to 15 pages (although more can be added if needed) including :

  • A landing page (the front page of the website, that you get to when you type in the website address)
  • A services offered page – information about what you do, costs etc
  • An about page with information about the business/charity/individual etc
  • A contact page which can have physical address and phone number along with a contact form that site visitors can use to send an email to the site owner
  • A blog page (optional)
  • Links to social media pages
  • Google my business for better search engine results when people search for your site

The above pages are just examples, but can be figured out during the initial design process.

How this package works


Colours, logo, fonts, required pages discussed to come up with an initial design


A domain name is decided (unless you already have one)


An initial design is created using graphics software – This is a ‘flat’ version of the website design


A html version of the site is created on a test server (which is not live to the public)


When the site design is approved, it can be uploaded to a server so that it can be viewed by the public


from £500

Ideal for a small business looking for a content Management System website

Several pages
social media
google my business
wordpress blog

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