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red silohete

red silohete

Date taken: 05 Aug 2006 10:51 am

F* – hehe (Francisco Vasconcellos) on 24 Feb 2007 04:37:38
Hey there flickr friend. I wanted to ask your permission to use this pic to make a massive collage of all my fave flickr pics. There are 186 of them, and I’m asking for permission from the photographers of all of them. I would print one copy for my personal use. Just moved into a new home that has a massive plain wall, and wanted to incorporate my passion for photography into my new home .I’m happy to send you a photo of my new wall once its complete Please answer either to this page or a quick flickr email. Thanks loads for your time, and I understand if that’s not possible… Cheers Francisco
F* – hehe (Francisco Vasconcellos) on 10 Apr 2007 22:58:20
thanks loads… will send you a link once its ready