Roath Park Lake

A selection of wildlife photos from Roath Lake, Cardiff.

Forest of Dean Wild Boar Photos

I try and get up to the Forest of Dean a few times in the spring as it seems like the best time to spot some wild boar families. There are signs of them all over the forest, but they are actually pretty hard to track down because they like to roam around. They are also quite timid and will usually run off if they see people. On this occasion I was lucky enough to find a big family of Boar digging for breakfast.

Forest Of Dean Wild Boar

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Grwyne Fawr Reservoir Wild Camp

Another challenging wild camp at Grwyne Fawr Reservoir in the Black Mountains to the east of the Brecon Beacons. As usual the weather was fine when I left home, but the mountains have other ideas. It had been snowing and some of it was starting to melt, which made it a bit tricky.

I was stopping to take photos on the way up (…well how can you not get distracted by those views) and by the time I made it to the spot I had planned to pitch up, the light was starting to fade. Not a problem, all I had to do was cross a small stream and trek up a small hill and I was there. Oh no, because of the snow melt, the small stream was not so small, so I could not cross where planned. I had to follow it up on uneven snow covered ground until I could find a spot to cross the stream. At this point the light was starting to go and I was running out of energy, my legs getting weak, so it was quite tricky. Luckily I found a crossing a few hundred metres upstream, then made my way back down to where I planned to camp. I arrived at my spot just as it was getting dark and put my tent up under torch-light.

The next problem was that my air mattress had a puncture, great! So just a thin foil mat and my sleeping bag to keep the freezing ground at bay. Yeap, it was a cold night and a lot of shivering was done to keep warm. Waking up in the morning and seeing the view of the lake made it all worthwhile though.


An early morning visit to Aberthaw to get a few photos. There is an interesting structure just out to sea, not sure what it is, maybe something to do with cooling for the nearby power plant?

Roe Deer at Wentwood Forest

I have spent hundreds of hours sneaking around Wentwood Forest and have only been lucky enough to have a few Deer encounters.

I found this Male Roe Deer who stood and stared at me for a while before running into the trees only to reapear further up the tree line and come and check me out again. Maybe he was making sure I wasn’t after his lady who was also in the small clearing.

Heading into the fog of Llyn y Fan Fach

I’m new to wild camping and it felt like I was diving in at the deep end heading over to the west end of the Brecon Beacons. The weather was nice when I left home, but when I got higher up into the hills it started to get worse. The reports were saying it was going to clear up in the morning so I decided to carry on into the rain and fog, it’s all character building right?

The destination was Llyn y Fan Fach, a lake on the northern edge of the Black Mountain. I parked up and had a soggy hike up to the lake in the driving rain. It was quite windy but I managed to find a slightly sheltered spot to pitch the tent with an awesome view of the lake. Well it would have been if there was any visibility.

Luckily the weather forecast was correct and it cleared up in the morning and gave me some amazing views. A herd of wild horses came to check me out when I was packing my tent away, which was a nice way to start the morning, then I took a load of photos of the lake and mountains. When I went down to the lake there was a guy getting ready to go for a swim, so I had a chat with him before he took to the water.

It’s early in my wild camping phase of life, but I definitely need to get out more.

A bit of wild camping in the forest

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I haven't been wild camping since I was in my teens. I've been on roadtrips and slept in cars, vans and pretty much just on the street, but that's not the same as venturing out into the wild to spend a night. I bought myself some new kit and wandered into a forest I know pretty well just to test it all out. I forgot how noisy woodland is at night with owls shouting to each other, foxes and wolves howling (ok not wolves) and all kind of creeks, rustles and groans coming from the trees. It was a really good liberating experience and I have definitely got to do it more. It's not a bad place to wake up in the morning surrounded by nature not concrete #wildcampingwales #wildcamping #wildcampinguk #wilderness #wildcampers #forest #woods #woodland #hiking #outdoorsuk #wentwoodforest

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Testing out my new pop up hide in the forest