My New Corrado

I finally bought myself a VW Corrado G60 at the end of July, after a lot of searching the internet for suitable examples worth visiting. I have liked Corrado’s since I was a kid and after looking for a new car a while back I decided I had to get me a Corrado, specifically a G60.

I had to take the trip from Newport to Bournemouth with a friend (thanks Miles) who woke the whole neighbourhood up with the exhaust on his mk2 Golf.

Took it for a test drive and all was good so I parted with my cash and took the long drive home trying not to get any speeding tickets because of my excited right foot and the addictive sound of the G-Ladder. The 2hours or so drive went well and was a good test of the car, with it coping fine with no problems.

Below are some pictures of my new baby and I’ll keep this blog of anything I do to it so maybe it will help some people out.

It has the usual problems and the more I drive it the more I find, but I guess that the down side of owning an old car with “character”.


corrado front