Mountain Ash Hospital Urbex photography

Whoa, it’s been ages since I last updated this site so I better try and get back to doing it more regular.

I am trying to learn to be a better photographer so took a trip up to Mountain Ash Hospital. It’s old, abandoned and the vandals have been in there doing their thing. It’s quiet and out of the way and I am always interested by old buildings and what you find inside them so its the perfect spot to spend a few hours to get some photos.

When I was in one of the rooms I heard a noise, but thought nothing of it. Old buildings tend to make alot of noises which you have to try and get your mind not to listen toobecause it will start thinking it’s a crazy person roaming around with a knife and the taste for blood. OK maybe I watch too many horror movies.

I heard the noise again, but closer and I froze, getting ready for the whole fight or flight situation. Then a figure emerged from a doorway. Oh shit! Phew it was just some other photographers and I think I scared them as much as myself. We had a bit of a chat and they told me about there being a morgue around the corner. My battery ran out and I didnt have a spare so didn’t have a chance to check that out.

Below are some photos I took, the full gallery is on flickr.

View of Mountain Ash Hospital from the roof of an out building
Vandalised room at Mountain Ash Hospital. I like the lighting in this one
Vandalised room at Mountain Ash Hospital. I like the lighting in this one
Fire information and alarm Mountain Ash Hospital
Fire information and alarm
Empty corridor at Mountain Ash Hospital
Empty corridor at Mountain Ash Hospital
Pink room at Mountain Ash Hospital.
Pink room.
Graffiti at Mountain Ash Hospital.
Lift winding mechanism at Mountain Ash Hospital.
Lift winding mechanism on the roof.
Blue tiled room at Mountain Ash Hospital.
Blue tiled room.
Cabinets at Mountain Ash Hospital.
Empty cabinets.
Electrical box at Mountain Ash Hospital
Electrical box
Generator at Mountain Ash Hospital
Generator room
Guage and tv at Mountain Ash Hospital
Guage and tv.