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Fixing the timing on my Corrado

ignition timing gun and crows foot socket
My Corrado has been feeling a bit slower and rougher than usual recently and running a bit hotter. I bought myself a cheap timing gun from ebay and went about fixing it.

The crows foot socket is a good tool to have if you’ve grown attached to the skin on your knuckles because it’s kind of hard to get at the bolt holding the distributor tight and pulling the throttle open with a shoelace to keep revs at about 2000-2500 is my finest piece of caveman engineering.

Now that the timing is set properly it feels so much smoother and responsive.

g60 engine flywheel removal tool

The simplest ideas are always the best …and cheapest. I needed to lock the flywheel in place to undo the bolts and this was the best option I could come up with. It worked really well.

corrado g60 freewheel removal tool

My Retro Mountain Bike

I had an old Ballistic X-Ocet mountain bike frame lying around that I used to ride when I was younger (a lot younger …back in about 1996). I decided to build it up with all old parts I could find or get cheap, even free with the the help of my brother who is in to mountain biking and donated some parts.

I’ve been out on it a few times along the handily placed new cycle track behind the house trying to get fitter but at the moment am still at the stage of feeling sick after about 30 minutes of riding.

When I was younger I used to be able to ride up and down mountains all day long. It’s going to take a while till I can do that again.

Ballistic X-Ocet Retro Mountain Bike

Some new seats for my Corrado

I’ve just picked up these leather seats to go in my Corrado. They were on ebay for a good price and only a few miles away so it would have been rude not to.

Some grey leather seats to fit into my Corrado

UK to Worthersee video

A short but sweet documentary about a group of guys from the UK heading out to Worthersee for the annual dub festival.

Fitted some coilovers on my Corrado

Swapping the 90mm splitter for a 50mm and fitting coilovers

Swapping the 90mm splitter for a 50mm and fitting coilovers to get it sitting a bit lower

It was freezing cold but we got it done (thanks Miles)

...It was freezing cold but we got it done (thanks Miles, he ain't as grumpy as he looks in this pic)

My New Corrado

I finally bought myself a VW Corrado G60 at the end of July, after a lot of searching the internet for suitable examples worth visiting. I have liked Corrado’s since I was a kid and after looking for a new car a while back I decided I had to get me a Corrado, specifically a G60.

I had to take the trip from Newport to Bournemouth with a friend (thanks Miles) who woke the whole neighbourhood up with the exhaust on his mk2 Golf.

Took it for a test drive and all was good so I parted with my cash and took the long drive home trying not to get any speeding tickets because of my excited right foot and the addictive sound of the G-Ladder. The 2hours or so drive went well and was a good test of the car, with it coping fine with no problems.

Below are some pictures of my new baby and I’ll keep this blog of anything I do to it so maybe it will help some people out.

It has the usual problems and the more I drive it the more I find, but I guess that the down side of owning an old car with “character”.


corrado front

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