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Russell Brand V’s Jeremy Paxman

Every so often Newsnight produces a good bit of television and if politics wasn’t so god damn boring I may actually watch it. Paxman has got quite a dry sense of humour and can be genuinely entertaining sometimes.

You may have already seen this clip of Russell Brand on the show, it’s a good clip and well worth a watch. It’s so refreshing to see someone this passionate about the state of the country, in fact the whole world and he really wants to see change. Sadly I think the world is too apathetic to make a change but we can always dream.

Russell Brand takes over the show

Russell Brand has got a massive ego and not usually the kind of person I like, let alone enjoy listening to their comedy but Russell brand always hits a nerve with me.  A good nerve, the one by the elbow maybe. Despite his ego he is an all round good guy and loves everyone else as much as himself.

On this show the hosts were trying to put him down saying they couldn’t understand him, talking like he wasn’t in the room and even calling him by a different name. Brand didn’t loose his cool or sink to their level. He rose above it and took over the show giving back more than he got in his usual flamboyant style. It’s a good watch.

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