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I was out driving the other day and the engine was playing up a bit, it’s done it before and I thought it may be the fuel pump because it only seemed to happen when I had 1/4 fuel tank or less. ¬†When accelerating it would struggle at 3k rpm and not want to increase revs any more unless you accelerated slowly.

I accelerated off a round about and was having a bit of problem getting up to speed, but it soon got to about 80 then the engine just cut out so I put the clutch in and managed to get to the side of the dual carriageway. I had a look under the bonnet and didn’t notice the loose belt, still assuming it was a fuel pump problem. Tried starting it and nothing.

So I got it recovered and had a look the next day to notice a loose belt and the crank pulley hanging off. Great!

I have taken it off for inspection and now have the fun job of fixing it. I have to get the snapped bolt out of the crank and insert some pins when I refit it because the key is so damaged. Hopefully it hasn’t damaged the engine, will not know for a while though.

corrado g60 crank pulley

corrado g60 crank pulley

corrado g60 crank pulley

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