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New Weird Al Yankovic Music Videos

Weird al Yankovic is releasing a new music video from his latest album ‘Mandatory Fun’ every day for the next few days. They can be found on his website and are well worth a watch/listen if you like a bit of parodying of the latest hits.

Moving on

This music dideo is for Moving On, the next single from James. The best use of a ball of wool and stop-frame animation I have ever seen in a music video.

Fresh Prince of Cwmbran

GLC – Fresh Prince of Cwmbran

I live 10 minutes down the road from Cwmbran and can confirm that this is 100% factually accurate.

Built to spill

Built to Spill – Stop the Show, live on HBO’s Reverb back in 1999.

The 3 guitars work so well together.

That boy needs therapy

OK so here goes with the first post, day 1 and some awesome music with a few years under it’s belt.

It’s made from a load of samples which can be found on the link below. I find it weird that you can hear some of that stuff and somehow think it would sound good as a sample to use in a track. But it totally works and the video only serves to make it better in a weird kind of way. There’s a fine line between being crazy and a genius, this definitely falls on the genius side, with a bit of crazy thrown in for good measure.

Someone with too much time on their hands  has analysed the samples and there is a video of the originals here:

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